The Metaverse isn’t just an emerging concept for today’s digital natives; it’s a concept that’s already thriving and growing in various concerns of the world. While we’re yet to fully see the impact of a global metaverse, the likes of which Meta and Microsoft promised. The landscape opportunities are growing at an incredible speed.

Studies suggest that the “Metaverse” will be worth around $678.8 billion by 2030. And it will bring with it endless new economic opportunities. Not only will everyday jobs like office roles be transformed by “Metawork”. New careers will also emerge for specialists with a knack for embracing the “embodied internet”.

What Do You Need to Get a Job in the Metaverse?

Getting a job in the Metaverse is like gaining a role in any special field. The exact demands of your role and the skillsets you’ll need will depend on the kind of position you apply for!

Some professionals will need a detailed Developer or Artist portfolio and strong knowledge of tools like Unreal and Unity. Others will benefit more from an understanding of NFTs, Blockchain, 5G and AI.

While the potential skillsets required are diverse, there are a few things virtually all Metaverse job seekers will benefit from.

The Right Knowledge and Experience

It goes without saying, but in any job, you’ll be expected to show deep industry knowledge. In most instances, you’ll need to ensure your skills and experience match the company that you want to work for.

If you’re working as a Software Developer, you’ll need to have at least a basic knowledge of frontend, backend, and full-stack development tools. These include JavaScript, React, Git, and Typescript. You’ll also need knowledge of APIs, integrations, and platforms if you’re planning a career in Software Engineering.

Alternatively, if you’re working as a 3D Artist, you’ll need to have knowledge of tools like Blender, Maya, 3D Max, and Unreal or Unity. It’s also worth making sure you have an extensive portfolio showing your skills in these areas. You could even benefit from gaining experience in NFTs, Blockchain, and working with decentralised technology.

Schools like NYU, and Stanford are already beginning to offer courses explicitly related to the skills required for the Metaverse.

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A Powerful Network

The concept that “who you know” matters just as much as “what you know”. This won’t change in the age of the Metaverse! Like any potentially valuable field, the Metaverse ecosystem is likely to be a competitive space. Developing a good network is one of the best things to get ahead of the crowd. Join forums and social media groups connected to the Metaverse and connect with innovators on LinkedIn in your ideal field.

As Metaverse events and conferences become more common, they’re one of the most powerful ways to develop your network. Many of them are virtual, either online or through VR interactions. So you don’t need to travel anywhere.

Where possible, actively seeking opportunities to work in entry-level roles connected to the Metaverse whether NFT design or Virtual Production, should help you make the right connections.

Expand Your Knowledge in Accompanying Concepts

There are a lot of different areas in the digital and tech landscape today connected to the Metaverse. Even if you can’t volunteer for jobs or take courses related directly to the Metaverse, expanding your knowledge in accompanying areas is a good start.

It’s worth getting a solid understanding of the fundamentals of “XR” technologies.. And how they will supplement this new digital landscape. You can also dive a little deeper into other components associated with the architecture of the Metaverse. For instance, you can learn about web 3.0, the decentralized internet, and the emerging importance of Blockchain.

While you don’t necessarily need to get a certification in these complementary metaverse areas, it’s worth keeping on top of the latest news and information. Follow news websites covering topics like NFTs, DeFi, tokenisation, and influencers with a focus on the Metaverse. A detailed understanding of Metaverse’s functional components will help you impress potential employers when seeking job opportunities.

Build a Personal Brand for the Metaverse

Personal or professional branding is one of the most valuable things you can do in any industry. When you’re looking for a job in the Metaverse, it’s worth remembering how valuable your digital identity is going to be in this new world. How you present yourself online and in various social circles will directly impact your job opportunities.

Start by researching yourself online, looking for insights into what kind of jobs and tasks you’re associated with. It’s also worth taking a closer look at your social media presence and thinking about how you advertise your skills and qualities in this environment – could you benefit from sharing more thought-leadership content related to the Metaverse?

You can even experiment with developing your brand in other ways, like designing new NFTs for your portfolio or creating a mini project related to the Metaverse. You can even go as far as building your own game engines and environments with tools like Unity. This method has worked well for various environments already. For instance, Valve Software’s HR team for SteamVR shows more interest in developers who have made an effort to build their own worlds.

Get Yourself Out There!

If you’re going to have any chance of getting a job in the Metaverse, you’ll need to get yourself out there and start networking with the companies. Working with a recruitment team with specialist knowledge in the digital landscape and Metaverse environment is a good step.

It also makes sense to update your cover letter and CV. Try to focus on the jobs you might want to apply for in the coming years. Try to make yourself stand out as much as possible to the kind of companies you’d like to hire you.

What’s more, don’t be afraid to take on jobs which don’t pay straight away. Getting involved with various unpaid and volunteer projects can be an excellent way to start getting your name out there. This will give you a better chance of being hired in the future.

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