About Us

Since our journey started, we’ve built a strong client base of companies who are doing exciting things with XR and gaming technology.  

Whether it’s VR, AR, MR or Gaming we work with companies of all sizes from start-ups to SME’s and global enterprise companies who want to partner with a recruiter who fully understands their industry. We take the right approach to find the right individuals within the right timeframes.

Sometimes our clients need additional short to medium term support to ensure a project deadline is achieved, cope with additional workloads or require a specific skill set, this is where our contract recruitment adds value.

We have a great network of XR contract professionals, who can commence work at short notice and hit the ground running and make a maximum impact within a short amount of time.

We treat our clients as partners and build long-lasting relationships that yield long-lasting results. We love what we do and this is reflected in the great service we deliver!

We also help clients spread the word about their company to raise their profile and tell their story to the industry, contributing to a higher rate of talent attraction and engagement.

If you’re working in the XR or Gaming industry and want to work with the most exciting companies the industry has to offer, we can connect you. Even if you aren’t looking for a new role and would like advice on the best routes for progression, we’d love to talk to you.

We’ll work with you throughout your career and are always on hand to give advice at any point you need  insight and guidance.

Our approach to how we recruit is simple…We listen, we deliver!

When we work with our clients, we take the time to learn about the company, fully understand their requirements and identify what makes them great, so we can attract the best people within the industry.

We’re highly skilled at talent identification and attraction. When we work on an assignment, we talk to the whole industry and give clients access to the best individuals who aren’t actively seeking a new role and wouldn’t respond to a job advert.

We spend time developing and nurturing our network and are well connected within the industry. The majority of our placements come from our network, rather than advertising a vacancy online and hoping for the best!

We’ve made major investment in the latest technology, which uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately find and match individuals to opportunities. This technology compliments our team to ensure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding ideally matched individuals for our clients and reduces time to hire.

Working with us means you don’t settle for second best when it comes to your hiring.

For industry professionals looking for a new opportunity, you can expect a proactive approach that is individual to you. We take the time to learn about your experience and career aspirations, so we can actively seek out opportunities that are best suited to your goals. We’ll coach and guide you through the process to help you land your dream job.

Working with us means that you’re connect to the best opportunities in the industry and are supported throughout the entire recruitment process.

Our specialisms

We do all things XR and gaming. Our clients and the individuals we work with are based  all over the world and primarily operate across the following vertical industries.


From console to mobile and PC platforms, we work with studios of all sizes from indie developers to global powerhouses delivering AAA games titles.


We partner with companies that are at the forefront of the immersive industry and deliver innovative solutions across a range of areas from events to e-learning, fitness, leisure, gaming, medical and a wide range of other sectors.


From HoloLens 2 to Magic Leap, and via the web, our clients are rapidly transforming their respective industries with augmented reality and are realising its full potential.

What our clients say