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Jobs in Virtual Production

 Virtual production is a relatively new industry and is a rapidly evolving and expanding industry. Disney’s The Mandalorian was the torchbearer for what could be achieved with the technology. Since then, every production using LED/Virtual Production technology has laid a marker for the next production. As a result, demand has continued to increase for skilled professionals. A wide selection of Virtual production jobs promises to offer long-term career opportunities.

What kind of jobs are available in Virtual Production?

Virtual production is one industry where you’re sure to find some fantastic job opportunities. If you have a creative edge and an understanding of XR technologies, a role in Virtual Production is made for you. Discover what careers make up this exciting industry: 

Virtual Production Supervisor

As a Virtual Production Supervisor, you’ll manage the real-time visual effects environment. You’ll make sure everyone on the team is communicating and working together smoothly. Usually, the best supervisors have experience in VFX or as a Producer. You’ll use your tech know-how and communication skills to lead the team to create an awesome VR production. 

Find your ideal VR Production Supervisor job on FourPointZero. 

VFX Supervisor

Visual Effects Supervisors are responsible for overseeing the technical and creative aspects of special effects in a VR production. You will need an in-depth knowledge of the visual effects, but also a creative flair to deliver outstanding results. As a supervisor, you’ll need to motivate your team to deliver their best, and achieve project success. See what VFX Supervisor roles are available today.  

Engine Operator

The Engine Operator is the person in charge of using and maintaining real-time engines like Unreal or Unity. Responsibilities include loading and operating assets, which is crucial because the engine generates the live environment for the production. As an  Engine Operator, your role is critical in ensuring that the environment runs smoothly and seamlessly during the VR production.

Video Engineer

Video Engineers are responsible for managing video signals throughout the VR production, routing them from different sources and destinations within a volume. You’ll be good at this role if you have extensive knowledge of video standards and best practices, for routing and calibrating signals.  Experience in live broadcasting for sports, news, events, and shows is also highly desirable. 

Read more about top VR Production jobs on our blog: What are the key Virtual Production jobs?

Why start a career in Virtual production?

Starting a career in Virtual production is an exciting step in your career and comes with a range of great benefits. Virtual Production in Unreal Engine allows you to explore creative opportunities and high-value, exciting projects. You could be working on VFX effects for the next big film or creating new worlds and sets for new video games. It also includes some great working benefits such as hybrid or remote working. Here are just a few benefits of working in Virtual production:

  • Create virtual worlds and enjoy creative freedom.
  • Learn new skills and improve your knowledge of what Virtual production can do.
  • Be a part of new cost-effective production for films and video games.
  • Work and make edits in real-time.


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    Virtual Productions jobs frequently asked questions

    What is Virtual production?

    Producing cutting-edge content and media with Virtual production involves combining physical and virtual filmmaking techniques. Virtual Production teams will use 3d software to create hyperrealistic sets and displays which are used to render real-time sets for multiple industries including entertainment, film and gaming.

    What is a virtual job?

    A virtual job refers to any role where you do not have a physical workplace location and work remotely. VR jobs also refer to any role where you work in a virtual reality environment or are helping to build sets and give functionality to virtual worlds. The metaverse is an example of a virtual workspace which engineers are developing to enhance user experience.