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As a 3D artist, you wield the ability to transmute abstract ideas into visually striking masterpieces, challenging the constraints of design and narrative. Regardless of whether you’re an established professional or a newcomer embarking on your journey in the domain of three-dimensional art, this is your comprehensive guide to understanding the vital role of a 3D artist.

What do 3D Character Artists do?

3D Character Artists are tasked with creating realistic 3D character models, specifically for films and video games. 3D Character Artists work closely with concept artists to bring their 2D illustrations into a 3D space. Concept artists often spend lots of time liaising with 3D Character Artists to ensure that their ideas can be converted to either a monitor or a cinema screen.

Roles & responsibilities 

In your role as a 3D character artist, there are a few roles and responsibilities that come with the job title which businesses expect you to be able to deliver. Here are just a few of the roles and responsibilities of a 3D Character Artist:

  • To be able to produce high-quality, hyperrealistic, CGI characters and character models in line with a specified brief.
  •  Be able to interpret and create abstract character models and ideas into realistic 3D models.
  • The ability to present your work and projects to other departments and department members.
  • Be able to provide consistent UV mapping.
  • To develop and create high-quality and realistic texture maps.

What qualifications do you need to be a 3D Character Artist

There are a few requirements and qualifications you will need as a 3D Character Artist. Here are some of the qualifications and requirements you will need: 

  • Several years experience creating 3D models, sculpting, texturing and UV mapping. 
  • An in-depth understanding of shading, lighting, texturing and structuring.
  • An in-depth understanding of mesh technology and edge loops.
  • A degree in computer science  (favourable).
  • In-depth knowledge of sizing, proportions, and anatomy.
  • The ability to process concept art into 3D models.

What is the average salary of a 3D Character Artist? 

Your salary as a 3D Character Artist is generally determined by your skill level, your experience, and your location. The following is the salary range for 3D Character Artists in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States:

UK Average Salary – £33,000

US Average Salary – $70,000

Europe Average Salary – €40,000

However, depending on how much experience you have had working as a 3D Character Artist and which projects you have been involved in. You could earn up to £56,000 a year.

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    3D Character Artist Jobs frequently asked questions 

    How do you become a 3D Character Artist? 

    In order to break through and become a 3D Character Artist, there are a few things you should do. You should take 3D modelling courses to expand your knowledge and then build up a detailed portfolio of original 3D characters. The more you can show your skill at 3D modelling the better chance you will have to break into the industry.

    Are 3D Character Artists in demand?

    3D Character Artists are in demand at the moment. With the amount of digital content delivered through gaming, TV and film it has now become an essential role in post-production and pre-production processes and this is likely to continue.