Richard Ward – Venture Altruist & former XR/Metaverse Senior Manager at McKinsey.

Martyn Makinson, CEO of FourPointZero, speaks with Richard Ward in our inaugural podcast. Richard is a highly experienced, entrepreneurial industry veteran in XR (AR/VR), Web3 and the Metaverse. Formerly working at the Management Consulting firm McKinsey & Company & Co, Richard shares valuable industry insights from his many years of experience delivering AR/VR/MR projects and his vision for the future of XR and the Metaverse

Martyn also speaks with Richard across a number of topics, including:

  • How he started working with AR/Technology
  • The lessons learned from the large number of XR projects he’s successfully delivered for some of the world’s largest organisations
  • The really interesting phenomenon of RPM’s (Richards Per Minute)!
  • Why most work-based VR simulations lack engagement, and some great solutions how to remedy it
  • The biggest challenges facing the industry

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