What will be some of the key Metaverse Jobs coming your way?

The Metaverse isn’t just a concept dreamed about in keynote speeches by major technology brands; it’s a very real insight into the future of digital interactions. This decentralized space has already begun to grow at an astronomical rate, capturing the attention of investors and prompting companies to change their R&D strategies.

The Metaverse is also introducing us to a new variety of job opportunities, perfect for anyone with a love of technology and an eye for the future of the “embodied internet”. The question is, what kind of jobs will we have to look forward to in the Metaverse, and what kind of skills will they demand?

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The Job Opportunities in the Metaverse

Career opportunities in the Metaverse aren’t reserved specifically for professionals looking to work with big technology brands. Nike, one of the market leaders in athletic apparel, recently posted a job listing for a “Director of Metaverse engineering”.

According to the athletic company, the director would be responsible for helping to build metaverse experiences for Nike customers alongside the rest of the Nike “Technology Innovation Office”.

Let’s take a look at some of the other opportunities that may be available for anyone interested in the Metaverse going forward.

Metaverse Stylists

The Metaverse promises a future wherein individuals can have more control over their digital identities. Your online “avatar” will reflect yourself in this environment – one you can potentially transform with access to augmented reality clothing and accessories.

The “metaverse stylist” could be the new highly sustainable job opportunity available for creative professionals who have skills in the use of AR software.

Metaverse Asset Advisor

As more companies continue to enter the Metaverse and look for ways to invest in the wider ecosystem, a metaverse asset advisor is likely to be one of the more sought-after people in the landscape. These advisors should be able to work with investors and business leaders to offer insights into which assets in the Metaverse may be sound investments.

A meta asset advisor will help investors to understand the benefits of getting involved with real estate in locations like Upland and Somnium space and whether it makes sense to spend cash on certain NFTs or put money in a blockchain environment.

Metaverse World Builders and Designers

Metaverse world builders and designers will essentially be individuals capable of creating a range of experiences within the metaverse environment. These experts will have a strong knowledge of things like distributed computing, large-scale system design, extended reality, natural language processing, UI design, and even edge computing.

Metaverse world builders and designers will work hand-in-hand with teams of creators and artists to build unique experiences within a distributed digital environment.

Blockchain Engineer

The Metaverse relies heavily on concepts like Web3 and the decentralization of technology. For companies to build on and work with the Metaverse in the years ahead, they’ll need access to experts with a deeper knowledge of the blockchain.

Blockchain engineers are individuals capable of assisting with implementing digital blockchain technology for enterprises. They can work with blockchain platforms to design, test, implement, and deploy software systems enhanced by the blockchain.

Metaverse Event Planners

Metaverse events are far from a new concept. We’ve had the world’s first wedding in the Metaverse already, as well as several concerts held through gaming communities like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. Indeed, metaverse events have been made particularly popular by the restrictions and challenges of the pandemic.

Going forward, as events in the Metaverse continue to draw attention from all kinds of audiences, Metaverse event planners will become necessary. We’ll need planners for everything from expos and professional conferences to fashion shows and graduations.

Smart Contract Lawyers

Finally, with the arrival of a new digital landscape comes a new selection of legal challenges and hurdles for businesses and individuals to consider. Companies planning to benefit from the existence and development of the Metaverse will need access to lawyers with in-depth knowledge in everything from smart contracts to web3 and blockchain.

Many companies may even bring smart contracts and “metaverse lawyers” into their business on retainer for consultations whenever they take another step into the new world.

Metaverse Job Opportunities Continue to Grow

As the Metaverse continues to emerge as the new “future of the internet”, there’s likely to be a number of critical roles appearing for anyone with the right skills. Metaverse job opportunities will run the gamut from metaverse engineer to metaverse tour guide. Which opportunities do you think will be the most exciting?

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