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What do Unity Developers do? 

Unity Developers are skilled in using Unity’s 3D art and modelling software, to design and build games. Unity uses a cross-platform game engine in order to create 2D and 3D objects. As a Unity developer, you will need to plan and implement functionality into games and build code from the bottom up. This is in addition to creating updates and patches for games and adding updates to games. So it’s about maintaining pieces of Unity software as well as creating it.

Roles & responsibilities of a Unity Developer 

As a Unity developer, you will have a range of responsibilities and requirements that you must fulfil as part of your job. Below are some of the roles and responsibilities that you may be required to perform:

  • Working within a team to plan, design and implement game features.
  • Strategise and develop game features in Unity.
  • Showcase new designs and prototypes on Unity.
  • Design and maintain reusable code.
  • Identify issues in code, software and applications.

What qualifications do you need to be a Unity Developer? 

As industry specialists, we understand that becoming a Unity developer requires a specific set of qualifications and skills, as well as several years of experience using Unity software.

These qualifications and experience can influence both your role and salary in the industry, with more experience and qualifications leading to more advanced roles and higher salaries.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Unity Developer, here are some of the essential skills and requirements you will need:

  • Experience using C# programming language.
  •  Detailed experience using Unity 3D development.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and identify errors.
  •  Experience in profiling and optimizing games and rendering performance.
  • Understanding of the UX design process, and experience in UX development.
  •  Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems.

What is the average salary of a Unity Developer? 

Just like many job roles your salary as a Unity Developer is often dictated by your skill level, the amount of experience you have using Unity and your location. Some Unity Developers in the UK can earn up to £50,000 a year. This depends on their skill level and if they have over 5 years of experience using Unity to develop complex programmes.

Here are the different salaries for a Unity Developer in the UK, Europe and the United States:

UK Average Salary – £45,000

US Average Salary – $72,000

Europe Average Salary – €60,000

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At FourPointZero, we understand that finding the right Unity Developers to join your team is crucial for the success of your business. That’s why we deliver recruitment services that are specific to your unique requirements.

Our experienced recruiters work closely with you to fully understand your needs and deliver exceptional results. We have many years industry knowledge and expertise, which allows us to identify ideally matched talent, no matter where they’re located, or how niche the skill-set.

If you’re looking to hire the right Unity Developer talent for your business, and want to work with a recruiter that can add value to your hiring process, contact us today to learn more.

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    Unity Developer frequently asked questions

    Are Unity Developers in demand? 

    Due to the huge popularity of the Unity engine, Unity developers are in high demand with businesses needing to hire more developers than ever. In fact, among game developers, Unity is currently the most popular game engine for designing and developing games.

    How to get a career as a Unity Developer? 

    To get a career as a Unity Developer you need to have at least 3 years of experience using the Unity engine. However, to get started on your path to becoming a Unity Developer there are a few steps you can follow:

    1. Install Unity editor and learn about all the features that come with it.
    2. Once you have learnt what the unity features do. Do some simple design tests.
    3. Next try using a free online Unity course such as Brackeys to gain more understanding of the platform. 
    4. The next step is to work on and create your own unity project to add to your portfolio. Create as many as you can.
    5. Publish your games in a public