Our services

Our approach to how we recruit is simple…
we listen, we deliver!

We don’t cut corners when it comes to identifying the finest talent for our clients and dedicate ample time to comprehend your specific requirements and company culture.

 Our extensive connections within the XR industry span the nation and the world, empowering us with the essential expertise to fulfill your hiring objectives.

To ensure we attract the most exceptional talent for your team, we invest the effort to get to know your company inside out, grasp your specific requirements, and recognize what sets you apart.

When handling a permanent assignment, we engage with the entire industry, not just those actively seeking new opportunities. Our comprehensive approach leaves no avenue unexplored in our pursuit of the perfect talent, thus enhancing the likelihood of a successful hire.

When you require additional support to meet project deadlines, handle extra workload, provide maternity cover, or access specific skill sets, a contract resource becomes invaluable.

Our vast network of XR contract professionals spans the nation and beyond, enabling them to swiftly start work and make an immediate impact.

In most cases, the contractors we collaborate with have prior experience with our clients and a proven track record of delivering projects to exceptionally high standards.

As active members of APSco, we stay updated with changes in US employment legislation. For the broader global marketplace, we partner with third-party advisors who offer guidance on the best approach to engage with contractors and help our clients maintain legal compliance.

We bring a wealth of experience in successfully filling C-suite assignments. Additionally, our vast global network encompasses senior-level professionals spanning the entire XR industry. Rest assured, we have the reach and expertise to connect you with top-tier talent for your executive-level positions.

We have a proven track record of building strong connections between companies and top executive-level talent within the industry. Our expertise lies in aligning strategic objectives to ensure long-term business success. Count on us to deliver the best-fit executives who will drive your organization to new heights of achievement.