Virtual Reality: The best headsets to arrive in 2019

The CES in Las Vegas showcased a whole host of new tech that’s set to launch in 2019 and beyond.

In the six years since Oculus shipped their first Virtual Reality headsets to developers, the technology has come a long way.

Although VR hasn’t been adopted by consumers as fast as some may have thought, experts predict that 2019 will be its breakthrough year.

The majority of end-users currently utilise mobile-headsets due to their low cost and easy access to immersive content. However, when it comes to ‘gamers’ the bar is raised, as the expectation of quality and performance is much greater. This segment of the population is also more likely to spend money on a product that they perceive to be of a higher capability than the lower cost models.

The large price tag of VR gamer headsets often comes with extremely high definition displays, motion sensors, and ultimate comfort to make the most of the game play experience.

It is commonly assumed that these devices are most used in the gaming industry but it is actually outside of the home that virtual reality has seen the most growth – where extraordinary objects have been brought to everyday life through Augmented Reality (AR).

Last week, we took-a-look at the upcoming trends in AR and VR – so as the dust settles on CES, we’ve decided to look at the best Virtual Reality Head Sets to hit the market in 2019.

Audi’s announcement at the event revealed just how thrilling VR can be. The car manufacturer has been working with Disney and a start-up called Holoride to create a digital spacecraft experience for passengers in vehicles.

As seen in the video, the software was tested using an Oculus head set – which brings us on to our first contender for 2019.

Oculus Quest VR Wireless Headset


The Facebook owned company have announced the Oculus Quest will be released in Spring this year. We can hear PC gamers across the globe buzzing with excitement!

Who can blame them? The device has some pretty awesome tech specs.

  • Each eye will have a display resolution of 1600×1440 (Wide Quad HD).
  • All-in-one VR gaming system (it doesn’t need a PC to operate).
  • 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) – Movement in all directions
  • Compatible with Oculus touch controllers which recreate your hands in Virtual Reality.
  • Oculus insight tracking to reflect your movements in VR.
Pimax 8K VR Headset 

Pimax 8K VR Headset with two controllers

If you thought a resolution of 1600×1440 was good, the Pimax 8K comes in at 7680×4320! A huge jump up from its 4K predecessor, this model provides near-human vision.

Although priced at a hefty figure, Pimax specialise in building headsets and they definitely know how to impress!

  • 16 million pixels – That’s the highest resolution available in VR to date.
  • 220° field of view.
  • Full positional tracking for a smoother gameplay.
  • Built in head phones to provide full audio.
  • Fully compatible with three VR content platforms; Oculus, SteamVR, PiHome
  • Also compatible with third-party accessories like the HTC VIVE controllers and tracking cameras.
  • Option to customise the headset with additional ‘modules’;

a)       Wireless transmission (to go cable-free)

b)      Leap Motion (Hand motion tracker)

c)       Pimax knuckle controllers (Five finger tracking for increased functionality)

d)      Eye tracking (to detect exactly where the user is looking)

We told you… It’s pretty impressive!

Pico Neo Wireless VR Headset 


Pico Neo Wireless VR Headset

Another startup with high ambitions, but not as high resolution, is Pico.

The orders for the Pico Neo Wireless VR headset are currently only open to business, but we still thought it was worth the mention as it was the first all-in-one system to reach the market.

  • 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) head and hands – Movement in all directions.
  • 2 x 3.5 inch LCD displays – each with 1440 x 1600 (3K) screen resolution.
  • 90Hz Refresh rate (the highest we’ve seen during our research).
  • Built-in dual speakers complete with 3D sound mapping.
  • Based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 processor and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Snapdragon VR SDK (It is very powerful).
  • SD Support of up to 256 GB.
HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset 

Yes, you heard it right! HTC are launching their new Vive Cosmos VR Headset at some point later in the year. However, this didn’t get our top spot as the developers are keeping a lot of information under wraps!

We are yet to know an exact launch date, though we do know its going to be sold at around £499.

  • Real RGB displays (For minimal screen door effect).
  • Vive tracking system (With 6DoF).
  • Extreme comfort for extended game play.
  • Unique Flip-Up design (Switch between the real world and VR easily and quickly).
  • Vive controllers (work seamlessly with the Vive tracking system).
DRudder Foot Motion Controller for Playstation VR 


Although this is more an accessory than a VR headset itself, we’d like to finish on this nifty piece of kit.

Released in 2016, Playstation VR is the newest member of that Playstation Family.

Since its birth, there have been a few compatible accessories produced to wow its consumers but none as impressive as the DRudder Foot Motion Controller.

The smart foot rest allows you to control your direction through the use of weight in your feet. This enables you to explore new areas of compatible games and surprise your enemies.

With a whole host of new heatsets about to come into the market, the future of VR looks very bright!


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